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Ventilation Installation

When your ventilation systems are down, the air in your home is stuck and still. It may not sound like the worst situation ever to have still air in the home, but it can lead to mold, trapped dust, and odors.

Our ventilation installations are affordable and our handymen are very skilled to get the job done with little to no interruptions from our schedule and home operations. We offer many types of ventilation systems that provide you with pricing options.

Remote Blowers

This type of blower is outside of the fan unit, not mounted inside like traditional internal blower. Remote Blowers add another level of ventilation and air exhaust, removing any built up smoke or humidity from cooking in a kitchen and closed spaces.

They are easy to install and improve the function of vented hood and other forms of kitchen fans as they are usually installed within the duct work of a ventilation system. Also, they serve as a fail safe if a vent ever fails, bringing in fresh air in case there is a leak.

Bathroom Fans

If you feel like the moisture in your bathroom keeps getting trapped, then you might need to have your bathroom fan checked out. If you do not have a fan, to begin with, then you definitely need us to install one immediately.

Bathroom fans are responsible for providing ventilation especially since all operations in the bathroom promote bacteria like toilet flushing and mist from showers. You do not want mold to grow in your sanitary room, so have us install one soon as soon as possible!

Attic Ventilators

A popular form of ventilation within an attic or large storage space below a roof is a ventilator system known commonly as Attic Ventilators. It normally operates based on a temperature system, turning on once a high level has been reached and vacuuming out the hot air.

An attic fan can be gable mounted or roof mounted, keeping it in the attic or storage space and able to cool down the space in a speedy manner. It can also be adapted for manual use, allowing a homeowner to switch on the system whenever the interior temperatures reach a certain level.

Custom Built Hoods

The new home trend is to have a custom build hood at the top of your stove. Big stainless steel hoods not only offer an industrial restaurant look to your kitchen, but they promote better ventilation after long cooking hours.

When you’re cooking with high heat, moisture spreads and it promotes a fire hazard that causes that obnoxious beep to blast for the entire neighborhood to hear. Avoid cooking interruptions and have us install a custom built hood to your liking!